Empty Feelings

I have no respect for people who do that. I told myself, and other people that I wasn’t going to be in a relationship, that I wasn’t going get attached. And I meant it. But there’s always one person who does it to you. That person brakes all the rules you’ve given yourself. That person has so much power over you, and she doesn’t even know it. She eventually does though. But once she does, thats it. You know you’re beat. Then you wait. Until something happens and you don’t know what to do. It’s horrible. It doesn’t even take too long to get attached to someone. It’s like a subtle coma that sneaks up on you. Then, right when it’s done, you realize you’re done. So you embrace the feeling as if it were that person you’re embracing. Which it’s not. It’s just that feeling. The feeling where you know it’s not going to work out, but you wish to hell that it would. That that feeling is the only thing that’s keeping you attached. But it’s also the thing that’s going to end up crushing your everything. It’s a sad thought, but it’s true. People wish not to believe it, they say that they don’t like anyone and they don’t get attached. They’re wrong. They just haven’t realized they’re in that coma. And any day now it’ll hit them. Then they’ll understand that there’s no power in that position. The only thing to do is give in, or move on. Easier said than done though. Those who move on haven’t really moved at all. They only brought another person to their position in that dark room. For them to embrace the same feeling. Continuously bringing one after another to the same room. The same empty feeling. But what each person in that room have in common, is they don’t have that respect for each other. To wake up from that coma. And not be that one person, to brake rules that others have set in place, so they don’t have to embrace each other’s empty feelings. Until everyone realizes there’s other feelings to grasp. Feelings that have never been experienced to that degree before. Those feelings can only be completely experienced when your not holding onto emptiness. But instead you’re holding on to that person who keeps you up at night. Not for the worse, but because you’re afraid to sleep then wake up and find out that what you’re holding onto is nothing but emptiness.